“I’d like to say CBT counselling enabled me to speak about my anxiety and recognise I need to take control of it.  Anxiety is part of my life, which I think may stem back to when my dad was murdered when I was nearly 5 years of age.  Which you did through actively listening to me, feeding back to me on areas of my life I did not fully recognise I let anxiety run away with me, leading to negative outcome for myself.  Also the homework (thought records, actively breathing, recognise the triggers, reading ‘Starry, starry night’), I regularly need to do on a daily basis, to enable me to hold the ‘reigns of anxiety’at work place.  Mindfulness techniques I further apply.  Thanks.”  Laura West Dunbartonshire 

” I felt comfortable straight away with Jade. I felt she structured the sessions with patience and understanding which allowed me to work through my issues productively and at a comfortable pace. I particularly liked how any decisions or changed to be made were directed back to me when I was ready to make them.

“It made such a difference speaking to you, hopefully I can make a difference now for me”

*All names have been changed for the purposes of confidentiality and consent has been obtained from individuals providing this feedback.